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I have successfully tackled many projects requiring planning and organizing. Some of these happened routinely in my position as a Planner/Scheduler for a software consulting company.  

Presented workshops to home study parents on various educational topics:

In order to help new parents feel at ease with teaching their children in home study, I designed and presented workshops on various educational topics, such as lesson planning, assessments, Common Core, and so on. In addition to the presentation, I developed a workbook to accompany each workshop.

Provided systems design solutions for intranet/extranet teams:

As a technical project manager my tasks revolved around managing projects for the intranet and extranet teams at the company. These projects began with a requirements meeting and ended with that team’s sign-off on the solution. One project might involve finding a solution to a server load-balancing issue, while another might have entailed recommending a software solution for data storage. In order to offer a complete report, I needed to understand the requirements, research solutions to the problems given, and then install and test these designs. This meant spending time learning about the processes of the departments involved, as well as learning how to use and manage the systems and software being reviewed.

Increased consultant installations by decreasing delivery/scheduling errors:

When I began my position as a planner/scheduler, the department’s system involved phone calls and emails between the customer, sales, the consultants, supply, and myself to arrange the delivery and installation of our products. This system often resulted in miscommunications about dates or products, resulting in lost time for consultants. I tackled this problem by creating a new system using my position as the post-sales customer liaison. As the P/S, it became my full responsibility to coordinate with the customers, consultants, and supply after sales completed the purchase orders. Using new forms and a shared calendar system, I reduced delivery and scheduling errors by 75% which enabled consultants to schedule more installations and improved customer satisfaction.

Decreased company backlog by switching roles:

Due to an increase in customer demands and the loss of an engineer, the ASIC layout design group fell behind schedule. This was impacting company deliverables, and the search for a replacement engineer was proceeding slowly. As the executive assistant, I could see the problems this backlog could create for us. As I had some background in using UNIX systems, I volunteered to step in and reduce the workload as much as I was able. The lead engineer and I determined what tasks I could manage without having a degree in electrical engineering, and the team provided me with a week’s worth of intensive training. After that, I handled the creation of the designs from schematics. My efforts over the following 14 weeks brought us back on schedule and allowed the new engineer time to onboard comfortably.

Supervised company headquarters relocation:

As the executive assistant to the company’s president, I was given the project of relocating the company’s headquarters. The company owned a lot of sensitive computer equipment that needed to be managed carefully during the move. I not only completed this project successfully, but finished under budget while increasing our lab and office spaces enabling us to hire more engineers. This project also included an additional project regarding a complete reorganization of the internal computer network.

Streamlined sales and delivery by creating a custom CRM:

In one of my previous positions, our sales department was experiencing an increase in leads and orders. It soon became obvious that the system in place for handling customer information and sales documents would not effectively manage this new surge in business. Employees discussed solutions over several meetings until I realized we could purchase, integrate, and customize Microsoft Access to manage sales and order information. After getting approval, I created a basic CRM system using MS Access and MS Word and the procedures to accompany it. This system improved customer relationships and reduced order errors.

Improved and revitalized internship program:

Internships for English majors proved to be challenging to organize in the time before social media. As the Student Director for the department’s internship program, I created and managed an aggressive campaign to convince companies to establish opportunities for the program. In addition, I increased publicity for the program which led to more candidates. These yielded a 125% increase in placements over 2 years.