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Occasionally, one of my positions required me to develop training materials and/or to present the training course. These events gave me the opportunity to utilize both parts of my degree (English and Education).  

  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing software training:

Before my hiring, the computer security division did not have the bandwidth to offer customers on-site training for the security software packages they had purchased. While the consulting services received excellent reviews, feedback on client post-installation relationships did not rate as high. After installation had been completed, I would provide training for the software tailored to the company’s needs and configurations. In addition, I was given the task of training the other divisions to understand the basics of these systems in case they needed to administer them or troubleshoot networks in their own consulting projects. This reduced the hours required for the other groups as they didn’t necessarily have to wait for a consultant from our team to arrive to inspect the systems. As a result of the on-site customer training and the training of other consultants, post-installation ratings and repeat customer sales improved.

  • Reduced user errors and support requests through training:

As a systems administrator at a small company, part of my duties involved providing user support for the employees. Part of the office staff used PCs, while the other part used terminals connected to a pair of UNIX servers. My predecessor had not provided any desktop training for new employees or new software and had left terminal training to the department heads. Employees, therefore, would submit an average of 25 support requests per day. I created training programs for all new employees and informational sessions for all new software. The result was a reduction of support tickets to an average of 10-15 per day.

  • Presented workshops to home study parents on various educational topics:

In order to help new parents feel at ease with teaching their children in home study, I designed and presented workshops on various educational topics, such as lesson planning, assessments, Common Core, and so on. In addition to the presentation, I developed a workbook to accompany each workshop.